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Update On PCI DSS v2.0 QSA Scorecard

For all of those QSAs out there, we found out from the PCI SSC late last week that the PCI DSS v2.0 scorecard will not be released until the first part of February.  This document was supposed to be released sometime this month, but as usual it has been delayed.  For those of you that are not QSAs, the scorecard is the document that tells QSAs how they are supposed to conduct their fieldwork.  The scorecard tells the QSA whether they need to interview people, review documentation, observe a system setting or configuration, observe a process, action or state, specify sampling or monitor network traffic.  Reading the PCI DSS tests does not necessarily always define when these activities are required, particularly those that require the interviewing of people, so having the scorecard is a necessity in order to properly conduct a PCI DSS assessment.

The scorecard is also the grading scale that the PCI SSC uses to assess QSACs to determine if they need to go into remediation.  Points are assessed by the number of items of each of the aforementioned categories.  If the reports assessed by the PCI SSC do not achieve a score of 75% or greater of the possible points, then a QSA goes into remediation.

UPDATE: Just got an update from the PCI SSC late yesterday, Wednesday, February 16. The scorecard is further delayed and they are “hoping” to have it published in the next few weeks. How they expect QSAs to conduct v2.0 assessments without knowing what they are expected review and observe and who to interview is insane. I am guessing that the scorecard will not be delivered until the end of March at the earliest. The scorecard needs to be published with the standard, not after it.


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